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Real Estate Auction is an Incredibly Valuable Tool in Any Market

Gain Control of your Sales and closing dates- increase your revenue!

Check below for our next class.  4hrCE  Credits-Van Ed

You will learn:

  • What is a real estate auction?
  • Benefits to the Broker, Seller and Buyer
  • Why use the auction method
  • Factors that impact the success of an auction
  • And much more
Benefits to you to Broker:

  • Earn equivalent commissions
  • Don’t loose another listing
  • Create a market niche
  • Build a HUGE buyers list
  • Move those hard to sell listings
  • Generate more sales and revenue

What you can offer your clients:

  • A guaranteed sale and closing date- the seller can actually choose the date they WANT to sell
  • Multiple QUALIFIED buyers
  • Non-contingent contracts
  • Buyer pays the commission and other fees
  • 30 day closing or less
  • No negotiating- your client sets the rules the buyers follow
  • 10% hard earnest money resulting in a 98% closing ratio

Auctions are the fastest growing segment of the real estate industry- don’t get left behind.

Oct CE Class
Oct 22, 2020 - 10:00am - 2:00pm
Zoom- Janelle Karas

$40 per person
Payment of $40.00 will be taken at registration to receive zoom link. 

Hosted by Michael Dye at Mutual of Omaha Mortgage and Penny Crook of Canyon Title 
Location: Zoom

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