Top 10 Auction Myths

Be in the know! Don't let myths keep you from getting your house sold exactly when you want!

Myths about auctions abound, and it is definitely to your benefit to be able to separatethe facts from fiction before you decide to sell your house utiliziing the auction method.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about auctions:

MYTH #1: ALL real estate auctions are for distressed and bank owned properties, where people buy for pennies on the dollar.

FACT: Some are, and some aren't. There is a big difference between the auctions for multiple distressed properties, and a high-end, or individual auctions.

With an individual auction, the focus is 100% on your property. A professional auction company launches an intense strategic marketing campaign that effectively targets hundreds of thousands of prospects. On auction day, ready willing and most importantly able buyers arrive with cash in hand, prepared to buy.

MYTH #2: My home will not sell for fair market value at an auction – I'll have to give it away!

FACT: Since informed bidders have done their due diligence prior to thesale date, they have a good idea of the market value of your home. However, nothing makes a property more desirable than knowing that many other people want it and are prepared to act now.

In a competitive bidding situation with the excitement of a live auction, properties can sell for more than fair market value. Unlike a traditional listing sale where it's customary for buyers to negotiate for a lower price, an auction drives the price higher.

MYTH #3 Auctions are the last resort.

FACT: If this were true, why do record prices get set for art, antiques, collectibles and real estate - at auctions? The reason is this: auctions create competition. No other form of selling creates competition like an auction does.

The reason some people think of auction as the last resortis because
 some sellers list their 
property first 
at an unre
alistic asking
 price, and it sits
 on the market. They then decide to auction, and it promptly sells for fair market value.

Yet, if a seller chooses the auction method first, they have a better chance of getting a great price, because the property has never been priced to the market – and the market determines the price.

MYTH #4: Real Estate Auctioneers are not real estate brokers.

FACT: Real estate auctioneers must be licensed brokers/agents in almost every jurisdiction or have someone on their team that holds a real estate license in that state.

MYTH #5: Auctions are Expensive.

FACT: Sometimes sellers have issues with the marketing and advertising costs associated with auctions.
These costs cover direct mail, signage, newspaper, magazine, online advertising, videos, press releases and property information packages. Marketing can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the type of property being sold.

Consider this: Have you ever known of anyone that had a great product, but the marketplace was not aware of it? How much exposure are you really getting when you put a signin front of a house, place a listing in the MLS, and then wait for a buyerto show up? How manybusinesses go
 broke each year 
because they 
invest no money 
in advertising? In our
 fast-paced world, people
 must be informed before they are motivated to act. A properly executed auction marketing campaign produces stellar RESULTS.

MYTH #6: Selling my home at auction will cost me a lot more in commission than if I hired a Realtor.

FACT: The cost is comparable. However, with the auction method, the seller actually saves money in the long run, especially if they auction first instead of listing, because they can eliminate long-term carrying costs such as mortgages, maintenance and taxes. Let’s discuss The Time Value of Money.

MYTH #7: If the high bid is less than the seller hoped for, he must accept the bid.

FACT: There are three basic types of real estate auctions: Absolute, Minimum and Reserve. We evaluate your situation and help you determine which type of auction is best suited for you. And, with a properly executed marketing campaign there will be multiple bidders competing for your property drive the price up to where the marketing will bear.

MYTH #8: If the property does not sell at auction, it is very difficult to market and sell it afterward.

FACT: Nothing could be further from the truth! In the extremely rare case that the property does not sell at the auction, remember that the intense marketing method has exposed the property to a huge pool of buyers. When contacted post auction, buyers will often make offers on the property. In many cases offers to buy the property prior to the auction date are made - and even accepted.

In 13 years of our auction experience, our closing ratio is 98%.

MYTH #9: Auctions attract buyers who are looking for a good deal.

FACT: This is actually true, and this is why auctions attract so many buyers. Aren’t ALL buyers looking for a good deal? However, serious qualified buyers do their due diligence prior to the auction, so they will have an idea of the value of the property. While everyone wants the best deal possible, competition from other bidders actually drives the price up to market value.

MYTH #10: Auctioneers compete with real estate agents.

FACT: We here at Prestige are broker advocates – we welcome other agents and pay them a co-op commission for working with us towards the success of your auction. 



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